A cup of this, a dash of that, and a shelf of bookish-goodness

This blog really isn’t about baking; but you’ll see cakes, pies, cookies,
and the occasional kitchen wizardry. It’s not about books, although my soul
craves books more than cookies. This space is about me living authentically
with my mental illness and sharing my book and baking (mis)adventures.

I can’t promise to bring you the most insightful literary reviews,
well-crafted essays, or blue-ribbon recipes. I can, however, share my messy realities.
Sometimes that mess is in the kitchen, and sometimes it’s in my mind. My hope
is that, in speaking plainly and without judgement, I can chip away at mental
illness stigma. (This is just as much a reminder for myself.)

Hang on to your apron–flour tends to end up everywhere, bookshelves included.

My recent musings