Jennifer LeMaster

Writer & Aspiring Author

Jennifer developed a deep love of stories from a very early age. Her parents
faithfully read to her and her siblings and kept books within easy reach.
Despite the access to and fondness of books, Jennifer struggled to read on her

Her parents, in hopes of bolstering Jennifer’s reading odds, tried a number of supplemental phonics programs. None of them helped. She was finally taken in for evaluation and was labeled Developmentally Delayed with dyslexia. One day something clicked, and almost overnight Jennifer started reading at a high school level. She was 10. She’s been reading and writing ever since. 

Jennifer’s professional career hasn’t followed a linear path. She spent 9
years as a Respiratory Therapist, specializing in neonatal and pediatric care.
After her first psychotic break, Jennifer stepped away from health care finding
the environment too triggering. She pivoted to Medical Billing and Coding and
leveraged her medical knowledge in physician practices. She’s worked a variety
of part-time jobs including direct sales, retail, nannying, office assisting,
and more. One volunteer opportunity led her to discovering a love of marketing.
Since then she has worked in marketing, most notably for the Friends of the Public Library of
Cincinnati and Hamilton County
, and for author and Medium, psychic Kym McBride. Currently Jennifer
volunteers for the Momentum Developer Conference as a
Steering Committee Member and the Communication Chair.

Jennifer is in the process of revising her first novel. She’s always
written, journaling avidly her entire life and dabbling with short stories.
Always lurking was the desire to write a book, to pen words past the covers of
spiral bound notebooks. But she didn’t have a compelling story to tell and she
couldn’t force what wasn’t there. Around 2016, and during a particularly
difficult time with her mental illness, a small idea began to germinate. It took
several years before it fully took shape and she could summon the courage to
start a long-form project. Her plan is to pursue traditional publication. But
regardless of her novel’s eventual outcome, she is, and always will be a


On baking:

Baking was as magical to Jennifer as reading. She loved the alchemy of
mixing things together that produced something yummy. When she was 5, she
independently made a cake from scratch to welcome her little brother home from
the hospital. She was a bit upset however, when she found out he couldn’t eat
it. She continued to nurture this passion and seriously considered culinary
school in her early 20s. For a short time, she ran an in-home cake decorating